Urban wastelands worth millions for what they give us

日期:2019-03-05 11:04:03 作者:第五柙戟 阅读:

WASTE space in cities isn’t a waste of space. The abandoned land in a single city can be worth millions of dollars in terms of the “ecosystem services” it provides, such as clean drinking water and removing carbon dioxide from the air. Gunwoo Kim and Patrick Miller of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg calculated the value of vacant land in the city of Roanoke, Virginia. They found that its trees hold 107,000 tonnes of carbon, valued at $7.65 million, and remove 23,000 tonnes of carbon and 91 tonnes of pollution every year – adding $164,000 and $916,000 to their annual worth. Kim presented the findings at the Ecological Society of America meeting in Sacramento, California,