Technology: Wrist pager stores a little problem

日期:2019-03-02 03:06:05 作者:司城肓 阅读:

By BARRY FOX The days of Dick Tracy and his wrist-TV may not be far off. Swatch, the Swiss company which injected fashion into wristwatches, plans to launch its Beepup wristwatch pager in Britain next year. Beepup is already on sale in the US in Los Angeles, Dallas and Atlanta, and also in Switzerland, Italy and Germany. It looks like a rather large wristwatch and costs around £100 (and about the same again for the subscription to a paging service). It beeps when receiving a message, and displays up to 15 digits on a small display, enough to hold an international phone number. Swatch says people can use it to stay in touch at all times, whatever they are doing – even surfing. However, there is a catch that Dick Tracy never seemed to have. Beepup runs on disposable lithium button batteries. If the pager is left switched on, waiting for a signal, the battery goes flat within 18 days. Acknowledging the need to keep a spare available, Swatch makes room for one in the wristwatch strap. But the battery is secured in the waterproof shell by a plate and four tiny screws. These can only be removed with a precision screwdriver, for which there is no mount in the strap. So users should always carry one,