Slippery slope

日期:2019-03-07 04:14:06 作者:宰犹 阅读:

By Kurt Kleiner A JUDGE has ordered a Seattle man to stop posting to a skiing discussion group on the Internet after a six-month flame war developed into threats of violence. Scott Abraham and several others had been involved in a long-running feud, both on the Usenet newsgroup rec.skiing.alpine and sometimes in person on the slopes. The battle started with an argument over free ski-lift tickets, and escalated to a flame war with insults, personal attacks and offers to fight. Later an anonymous poster threatened to shoot Abraham, who responded that he had started carrying a gun. Two of Abraham’s opponents filed complaints charging him with harassment. And on 12 November, a district court judge ordered Abraham not to contact the defendants or post anything to rec.skiing.alpine. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a San Francisco civil rights group, argues that the order is too broad. “Saying he can’t put anything on that group is too expansive,” says Shari Steele of the foundation. She says it would be acceptable to ban Abraham from e-mailing certain individuals or posting comments directed at people who brought complaints,